Our Founder

Andrew is a technologist and real estate developer. He started developing Therm after identifying a major problem in NYC - people did not have control of the heat in their apartments, leaving residents in uncomfortably warm or inhospitably cold conditions.

In addition to Therm, Andrew is a VP at L&L Holding Co., leading the team redeveloping Terminal Warehouse. He worked at Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet Company, where he helped develop plans for the first district from the “internet up” (Sidewalk Toronto) and investigated ways that technology could solve urban problems. Prior to joining Sidewalk, Andrew was a Vice President of Development at Forest City Ratner Companies, where he managed the renovation that transformed the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Beginning his career at Forest City, Andrew has worked on multiple residential, retail, and commercial projects with a focus on public-private partnerships.

Collaborators and Supporters